The Ruby Tablet: Correcting The Errors In Human DNA

An Enlightened Perspective

The Ruby Tablet

The Original Emerald Tablets were designed to create a community of illuminated and enlightened humans that could lead mankind into the stars and beyond.  In their original design, man only needed to look at the tablets in order to activate the hidden elements within consciousness that could lead to elevation.  These tablets were destroyed and only one tablet remained. In fact, man was only allowed one page of that book of tablets.  That page was in truth an introduction to the tablet itself.  As a result, mankind has been denied access to the True Emerald Tablets for thousands of years.  Most have been led to believe that the introductory tablet is all there is.  In truth, there is much, much more.

The Ruby Tablet is a new artifact that has never been seen on this world.  It is one of 150 different tablets that are designed to address the many…

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