ISIS Muslim Militants Bomb Historic Assyrian Church on Easter Sunday

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ISIS Bombs Assyrian Church on Easter Sunday (resized)

Assyrian Church of the Virgin Mary in the village of Tel Nasri, bombed by ISIS.

by, Ibrahim Ali | ARA.News

Tel Temir, Syria – On Sunday militant fighters of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) blew up the church of the Virgin Mary, in the Assyrian village of Tel Nasri near the town of Tel Temir (50 km west of Hasakah) in northeastern Syria.

The bombing of the church coincided with the first day of the Assyrian Christian’s Easter holiday.

Pro-IS media sources reported that the Islamic State launched an offensive on what they described the “polytheistic Assyrian church” in Tel Nasri and they were able to destroy major parts of it.

The news of bombing the church in the village of Tel Nasri raised concerns among the Assyrian community in the region of diaspora and the possible massacres to be committed by IS militants against the Assyrian prisoners in the group’s detentions months ago.


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