Government Terrorism ie. Democide

The team that planted and detonated the Boston Bombs


★★PROOF★★ Boston Bombing Staged Terror Attack Alex Jones

Alex Jones covers the tactics used by government to stage false flag staged terrorism during a military drill. Images caught on tape reveal the actual bombers carrying the identified backpack discovered during the initial search.

#OpUSA: Hacktivists Unite May 7th to Target US for Its War Crimes


Anonymous - OpUSA


As #OpIsrael fades away, the hacktivists who participated in it have found a new target, The United States of America. The hacktivists involved in #OpIsrael have again united this time under the banner #OpUSA and will cause havoc in Americas cyber space.

#OpUSA will be initiated on 7th of May 2013 and will target American websites & servers. The hackers say they are targeting the USA for its war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The hackers also said the attacks will be done in solidarity with the innocent victims of american drone attacks especially the innocent children.

#OpUSA was officially announced and organized by Mauritania Attacker, the founder of Mauritania Hacker Team and AnonGhost Team and is also the same guy who lauched #OpIsrael. He told illSecure that with #OpUSA more damage will be done than #OpIsrael

Mauritania Attacker also provided illSecure with a list of confirmed hackers…

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